Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pride Goes Before the Fall

Today I read Proverbs 16 where we are told that pride and haughtiness goes before the fall.  The Book of Mormon is full of examples of pride and how dangerous it can be.  We are told by Paul that the root of all evil is the love of money, but I think pride is a very close second.  Pride is the reason we do so many dumb things in this life.  Pride is the reason for contests, for fights, for wars, for harsh words and so much more.  Pride is not satisfied with having something, it is only satisfied with having more of something than others have. 

Humility however builds up those around them.  The humble man and woman takes genuine pride and happiness in others good fortune and accomplishments.  When we are humble we are teachable and want to help others.  That is why humility is the answer to the natural man.  To become like a child and to submit to the will of the Father is humility and when we do that, wonderful things happen in our lives.  Until tomorrow.

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