Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Learn Knowledge and Wisdom

Today I read Proberbs 2 and the main theme that I saw was to obtain knowledge and wisdom.  Since wisdom is the proper application of knowledge, knowledge alone will not really benefit us that much, we would be like the absent minded professor.  The Lord has counseled us in the past to obtain knowledge as this is the only thing that we will carry with us into the next life.  Oftentimes when I am watching a movie and I see a character die, especially a character that has devoted his/her life to perfecting their art, usually warfare, it always saddens and amazes me to see, because it becomes a wasted skill, they spent all those hours perfecting and honing their craft and now they will not be able to use it anymore.  There will be no killing of other people in the eternities.

A far better use of our time and lives is to gain knowledge that will be useful to us in the eternities.  If we hope one day to become as God is, who is omniscient, then we will need to accumulate all knowledge as well.  As the Lord Himself told us in Doctrine and Covenants section 130, the more knowledge we accumulate in this life, the further along we will be in the life to come.  We need to spend our time wisely in this life, it is so limited and there are so many distractions that can pull us off the right path and keep us from doing what is right.  We need to stay focused and do what is right and learn all we can, especially about the Gospel.  Until tomorrow.

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