Sunday, July 7, 2013

Call Upon Him in Truth

Today I read Psalms 141 - 145 and I was struck by the phrase that God is near all those that call upon Him in truth.  I take this to mean that when we take the time to truly pray and speak to our Father in Heaven we will become more like Him.  It is not Heavenly Father that comes closer to us, but rather us that draws closer to Heavenly Father.  He cannot be in the presence of wickedness with the least degree of allowance so anytime we draw closer to Heavenly Father, it is merely that we have become more righteous and so have grown a little closer to Him.  It is interesting that of all the activities we can do to increase our righteousness, prayer is the one that is mentioned most frequently in the scriptures as drawing us closer to Him.  Just like with anyone here on earth we have to communicate to have a relationship with someone.  Our Father in Heaven is no different.  We have to talk to Him and submit our will to His.  In that way will we become closer to Him.  Until tomorrow.

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