Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Rise and Fall of a Wicked King

Today I read 2 Chronicles 22 which tells the story of yet another unrighteous king.  What is sad to me about this chapter however, is the fact that Ahaziah killed all of his siblings so that he could be king over the land.  How can someone's lust for power be so great that they are willing to murder those who should be closest to them for it?  I love my siblings like no one else on this planet.  They are special to me and I have a bond with them that is unique among all other relationships.  The idea of harming them in anyway or form is anathema to me.  I sometimes make the mistake of thinking everyone is like me, but when I read something so sad like this, I wish everyone was like me.  The world would be such a nicer place, probably pretty dull however.  Variety is the spice of life so the saying goes.  But I think I would rather have boring as opposed to murderous.  What a much nicer world it would be, to not have to think about murder or others doing you harm.  Maybe I'll live to see the millennium and get to experience it first hand.  Until tomorrow.

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