Friday, February 8, 2013

Rehoboam Loses His Kingdom Through Arrogance

Today I read 2 Chronicles 10 which outlines the way Rehoboam lost the kingdom of Israel.  I have to day, everytime I read this chapter or hear about it, I have to give Rehoboam the idiot of all time award.  I mean the man is a moron.  He clearly does not understand that power comes at the desire and willingness of those underneath you to serve and be placid.  When the people ask for relief, he spits in their face, metaphorically speaking, and tells them that what they have had before is easy compared to what is to come.  I can't think of a better way to incite rebellion among his people than what he did.  What a class act moron!  Now, it says that it is in fulfillment of prophecy.  That to me could mean several things.  It could mean that God influenced Rehoboam or some of his advisers or that God was just telling a prophet in days past what was going to happen. 

Just because God had a prophet prophesy it, does not mean God had a direct hand in it.  God could have prophesied using his prophet that America would suffer a Recession in 2008, but that doesn't mean God caused it to happen.  Knowing an event is going to happen doesn't mean that person caused it.  We all know that here on earth, if you hold an object up in the air and let it go, it will fall to the ground.  But we do not cause that to happen, nevertheless we can prophesy that it will take place because we know the laws of gravity are in effect.  So it is with God, He knows us so well that He can tell what we will do in a given situation, not to mention that all time is before Him, past, present and the future.  We too could speak with confidence about future events if we saw them happen.  So it is no surprise that God can say that Rehoboam will cause the kingdom of Israel to leave the house of David and be correct.  I don't think that God had anything to do with it happening, just that He saw it happen because Rehoboam and his young advisers were idiots.  Until tomorrow.

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