Tuesday, February 12, 2013

King Asa Reigns in Righteousness

Today I read 2 Chronicles 14 which talks about the king of Judah named Asa.  He reminds me of King Benjamin from the Book of Mormon.  He set his kingdom affairs in order and encouraged the people of his kingdom to turn back to the Lord.  He urged them to build cities and fences to protect themselves from their enemies.  The way he talked to his people and his actions let us know that he is a king not for the power, but rather so that he can serve his people.  That is the best kind of leader, the kind that views himself as a servant.  Jesus Himself declared that anyone who would be the greatest among others must be the servant of all.  Asa appears to be a king who has these qualities.  Just like King Benjamin in the Americas.  I'm sure there are others too that we could name, men and women who spent their lives in the service of others.  What a way to live!  Until tomorrow.

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