Thursday, February 7, 2013

Solomon's Reign

Today I read 2 Chronicles 9 which catalogs the reign of King Solomon.  It is amusing to me that at the end of Solomon's reign in the book of Kings it states that the rest of his acts are listed in the book of the Chronicles.  However, in this book it states that the rest of his acts are in the book of Nathan, or the book of the Kings.  It's a circle where nothing is actually contained it would seem, although the book of Kings does contain more information on Solomon than does this chapter.  This one is more like the cliff notes, it does not even contain the most famous story of cutting the child in two in order to determine the true parent, which I still think is a pretty twisted story.  But we did not learn anything new in this chapter that we didn't already know about Solomon so it truly was a review.  Solomon was favored of the Lord, until he made the same mistake his father did and let his lust rule his judgment.  It is sad how many people fall prey to the sins of the flesh.  But that is what we are here for, to be tested on just such things.  Until tomorrow.

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