Saturday, February 23, 2013

Commandment Buffets

Today I read 2 Chronicles 25 which tells the story of yet another king.  It is interesting that while I was reading this chapter, the new king killed men who slew his father, but did not kill their children so that he would be following the Law of Moses.  It is strange, because that is the only commandment that we are told he followed.  It is very similar to some Christians today.  They will pick and choose what commandments they want to follow.  Almost no one follows the Law of Chastity except Latter-day Saints.  No one but LDS follow the rule against drinking alcohol, attending your meetings and a host of other commandments.  But there are some commandments that they just will not break.  It is very interesting and I wonder if their justifications that they tell themselves will ring hollow in their ears when they stand before Heavenly Father and give their excuses.  I just hope that I will not be one of them and have to find out first hand!  Until tomorrow.

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