Thursday, February 21, 2013

Find your Path

Today I read 2 Chronicles 23 which tells the story of Judah cleansing itself of the priests of Baal and of turning back to the Lord.  It is interesting to me that it doesn't take long for people to fall from the Lord and to stop doing that which is right.  I used to be really confused how the Nephites and Israelites would let it happen after only a few years, however, now that I have seen it firsthand in my own life with the aftermath of September 11, 2001 here in America, I no longer am confused, but it still blows my mind how people have such short memories and don't seem to stay the course when it comes to doing that which is right.  I know that sin can be enjoyable and Satan has had a very long time to perfect his art of deception and trying to get us to do what is wrong, however, the ultimate reward is incalculably better than anything the world has to offer.  When I am tempted by the world, I try and remember that and it helps.  Each of us must find our own way of dealing with the temptations of the world and figuring out how to do that is right.  When you do, things will be much better for you, I promise.  Until tomorrow.

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