Monday, February 18, 2013

The Lord Helps the Righteous

Today I read 2 Chronicles 20 which details the events of a battle that Judah takes part in and how they are told not to worry, that the Lord will be with them and will fight the battle for them.  As I sit here wondering what it must be like to take part in a battle like this where the Lord does miraculous things, 2 things occur to me.  First of all, I have never taken part in a battle of any kind so such wondering is kind of silly.  Secondly, I have seen many miraculous things in my own life, not the least of which resulted in my life being saved in a manner that cannot be explained in any way other than what my friend characterized as "righteous living" or God stepping in directly and helping out.  Which reminds me of D&C 82:10 that when we follow the commandments, God has promised to bless us or to step in and do what is necessary to help us out.  But when we don't, we don't have a promise and it is at God's discretion whether to help us or not.  He loves us however, so more often than not, as long as we don't need to learn a lesson or it is not our time, He will help us out.  Just like a righteous earthly father will.  Until tomorrow.

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