Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rehoboam Does Wrong in the Sight of the Lord

Today I read 2 Chronicles 11 where Rehoboam prepared for war to reclaim the tribes of Israel that left his kingdom due to his own stupidity.  However, God spoke to His prophet and told Rehoboam not to do it.  What is amazing to me is the fact that Rehoboam listened to the prophet.  I mean here is a man that in this same chapter, although it does not give any time frames for reference, setup the high places, or fertility groves for false gods, and took 18 women to wife.  It's almost as if he knows God is real and the true God but doesn't care as long as God leaves him alone and doesn't talk to him directly. 

Anytime I read about people having that many wives it just disgusts me.  Here is a man who cannot control his own lusts.  And you cannot tell me it is anything more than sexual gratification to have that many wives.  I love my wife and cannot imagine being with any other woman.  It is true that from time to time I find another woman attractive and it will stir the primal side of my brain, particularly if they are dressed in a provocative manner showing too much cleavage.  However, I have control over myself and do not dwell on such women or such thoughts and remain faithful to my wife.  However, with Rehoboam as with Solomon and David before him, he cannot control these thoughts and apparently makes no attempt to because how else could you end up with so many wives and a ridiculous amount of concubines?  It is sad when a person cannot contain their own appetites, whatever they may be, but for some reason sexual appetites in particular are sad when they cannot be controlled because it brings in so many children who cannot be properly cared for and loved.  Until tomorrow.

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