Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ahaz Ruins Himself

Today I read 2 Chronicles 28 which tells the tale of king Ahaz who was, in my opinion, ridiculously stupid.  This man basically offered sacrifice to all the gods of his enemies, every god he could think of, except the true God, Heavenly Father.  His reasoning was that his enemies were triumphant on their military campaigns so maybe if he sacrificed to their gods they would help him.  I guess this man never once bothered to open up the scriptures and read the doings of his own people. 

As I was reading this chapter on this sorry excuse for a king, I couldn't help but wonder something.  It stated in the scriptures that king Ahaz brought back the idolatry that was present when the Israelites first arrived with Joshua and Moses.  So it got me thinking, I wonder just how fast the Israelites would have left their God and the true path of righteousness if they hadn't totally destroyed those civilizations?  Some people, myself included, get bent out of shape when we read those chapters and hear the Lord order Joshua to destroy every man, woman, child and animal of those cities.  And yet, if they hadn't, the Israelites were weak and would have fallen away that much quicker.  The Lord does not delight in bloodshed, there is a reason when He orders and entire civilization destroyed.  And when the Lord orders something done, we should probably align ourselves with His wishes.  Until tomorrow.

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