Thursday, February 14, 2013

Put Your Trust in the Lord

Today I read 2 Chronicles 16 where Asa is attacked by the Kingdom of Israel.  Instead of relying on God like he should have, he turns to the King of Syria for assistance first.  This angers the Lord and he is struck with a disease that ultimately ends his life.  Now, one has to wonder, was King Asa's sin really so grevious?  By today's standards not really.  Today we have plenty of people who when they are faced with a challenge turn to other people instead of the Lord.  But why are the consequences of doing so in our day and age so much less than it was in the days of King Asa?  I truly don't have an answer.

I think the real problem with what Asa did is that it didn't even occur to reach out to the Lord for help.  I think he relied completely on outside help instead of reaching out to the Lord.  Currently I am having an issue at work with my schedule and I have to admit that my first instinct was to talk to my wife, not pray about it.  I did pray and it was on my mind even, but my first person I wanted to talk to about the situation was my wife.  So I have to wonder after reading this today, how different from Asa am I?  Is there more to the story than is recorded in the scriptures?  I don't have the answer to either of those questions.  What I do know though is that we need to put our trust in God.  Despite the fact that I turned to my wife first, I still knelt in prayer and poured out my heart to my Father in Heaven that night and every night since.  I think it is more what is in our hearts and where our focus is.  I don't think Asa had it in his heart to trust in God.  Perhaps he didn't think God could or would help him, I don't know.  I do know however that my trust is in God and I will rely upon Him no matter what.  Until tomorrow.

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