Saturday, November 10, 2012

David is Crowned King

Today I read 2 Samuel 2 where David is crowned king over most of Israel but some of them rebel and crown Saul's son as their king.  In light of this past week's election I can certainly understand how not everyone would just fall in line with a new king and would in fact desire their own king to be had.  People feel very strongly about their government and who is at the head of it.  I am very glad however that no one in America has been so upset as to propose a new President be created or some kind of a rival government.

The rest of the chapter follows someone who I will be honest I have no idea how he ties into David or the rest of the story but it has a battle as well as someone else who is killed in cold blood.  It might be very good for a historian to have, but I personally do not see the value in having it recorded for all to read and see.  But that is just me.  I do not really relish reading about people being murdered and battles being fought, especially if I cannot connect them to anything in the main history, in this case, David being king.  The Old Testament writers sure did make sure they kept good records however, and for that we can be very grateful, whether they are meaningful to us or not.  Until tomorrow.

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