Sunday, December 11, 2011

Marriage is Ordained of God

Today I read 1 Timothy 4 which talks about in the last days that people will teach and preach others to not get married and to abstain from meats. We have already talked about why abstaining from meats is wrong and how we see this in lots of people these days those preaching the false doctrine that eating meat is wrong. Paul teaches that animals were made by God for the use of man in thanksgiving. Since we have already talked about why teaching others to abstain from meat is wrong, I want to focus on the falsehood of abstaining from marriage.

I was thinking about it today as I read and Satan is a lot more subtle about this one. There are very few people that go around declaring that marriage is wrong or unnecessary. Rather he has gotten us as a culture to accept the falsehood that it is ok to live together and even have children together outside of marriage. We have bought into the culture that sex is ok outside of marriage. That everything a married couple can do an unmarried couple can also do. This is the great evil that Paul saw and warned Timothy about.

Growing up these past 30 years it has been really sad and interesting to see how our society has changed. When I was younger most TV shows were about families and married couples. Now most of them focus on single people and having sex all the time with various different partners. The damage to families has been slow and subtle much like a tree growing through a rock. The tree slowly grows and snakes its way into the concrete and rocks and slowly but surely it destroys the rock or sidewalk. This has been what has happened to our society as well. We have slowly accepted a change here or a change there and now we are completely different from where we were 20 years ago. All in the subject of "tolerance" and acceptance. We have been spoon fed the lies that if we stand up for what is right, we are insensitive to those who are different.

But as Elder Boyd K. Packer has stated, you can't change what is fundamentally right by changing some laws. Right is right and that is all there is to it. The proper unit is family and men and women are not to have sex unless legally and lawfully married. It is heartwarming to see that despite it all, most people still have that desire to get married. They have a fundamental desire that no amount of societal disapproval can beat out of them. Most women especially have a desire to be married still and this is good. Because women certainly drive society in a big way. I am certainly glad that most people still have that fundamental desire to eventually get married, despite the fact that they are going about it in the wrong order.

Things are only going to get worse I'm afraid but thankfully the desire for marriage is not just societal but is fundamentally hardwired into each of us. I don't think that marriage will ever go away, although I could be wrong on this front. The one thing I do know is that no matter what Latter-day Saints will always desire for marriage and will always follow the pattern. I for one can't imagine not being married. I love my wife more than anything or anyone in this world and can't even imagine not being with her. I thank Heavenly Father all the time for leading me to her and for the institution of marriage. I hope your marriage is just as happy. Until tomorrow.

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  1. I just found your blog and really enjoyed your thoughts on this principle. I think its true that many want to get married even when society says differently, its true that there are things that are inherent within us that drives us to that which is good and righteous. I am your newest follower and looking forward to reading more of your writings.