Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nephi's Brother Follow Him

Today I read 1 Nephi 3 and it is interesting to me that as often as Laman and Lemuel complain about Nephi trying to be a ruler over them and what not, they sure do listen to his counsel a lot.  After giving a good faith effort where Laman goes to the house of Laban and gets cast out as a robber, Laman, Lemuel and even Sam it seems, are ready to return home in failure.  However, Nephi steps up and gives a very impassioned speech about fulfilling the commandments of the Lord.  And as I stated up above, for all their bluster about how much they despise Nephi, the rest of his brothers listen to him and go along with his plan!
I have found that this is the way with natural born leaders.  Something about them just makes others want to follow them.  I wonder if Laman and Lemuel even realized that they were following Nephi and his advice or if, like a lot of men, they thought it was their own idea or just didn't want to argue or any number of other ideas for going along with it.  It just seems a little funny to me that for all the many times they complain that they don't want Nephi to be a ruler over them, they never seem to mind following his plans except for a few times that are recorded in the scriptures.  And maybe that's the difference, maybe we just don't have their arguments for each time recorded.  I guess we'll know some day.  Until tomorrow.

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