Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How Does He Always Seem to Know What We Need?

At 35 years old, I know that I should no longer be surprised at the omniscience of God, but sometimes I am still caught of guard by it.  Today I read 1 Nephi 2 and in the first verse I found a message the Lord had prepared just for me.
The first verse reads that the Lord appeared unto Lehi in a dream and spoke to him.  To be clear, the Lord did not appear in a dream, but the Spirit made it clear that the next message was as much meant for me today, as it was meant for Lehi when he first received it.  "Blessed art thou [Fred], because of the things which thou has done; and because thou hast been faithful..."  I'm not ashamed to admit that tears came to my eyes.  I like most people worry about my standing before the Lord and especially with my admitting yesterday that I have not been reading the scriptures like I ought to have been, I would not be surprised to learn that the Lord was not only frustrated with me, but upset with me to boot!  But to learn that He was not only pleased with me, but happy with me, was more than my heart was prepared to handle this morning.
This General Conference was particularly special to me.  It was only 2 days ago but I already feel like it happened a while ago.  I feel like all of the speakers were speaking directly to me.  I was able to take something away from every single talk, which in years past had not been the case.  And as a result, I found several areas, mostly Spiritual, that were found lacking.  After talking with my wife and daughter, I have recommitted myself to doing better.  And after only one day receiving a confirmation from the Lord that I am on the right path is a wonderful thing I had not expected.
The Lord knows us individually.  I know this for a fact.  We are His children and He loves us as much as we love our earthly children.   I believe what President Ezra Taft Benson said that when we see Him again His face will be familiar to us and we will be surprised how well we remember Him.  I want to live my life so that I can return to live with Him.  The time is now to start on that path.  Use the time wisely.  Until tomorrow.

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