Monday, September 26, 2011

Homosexuality is a Sin before God

Today I read Romans 1, Paul's epistle to the Saints in Rome. Most of this chapter is a preface to the rest of the epistle. Paul stats off by stating that he wishes he could come and be with the Saints in Rome like he has with the Saints in other areas. He states that he is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, which we are all aware having just read the Acts where Paul goes into situations that others fear to go into because of what awaits them. Paul just goes ahead and enters into them because he has an eternal view of things. He doesn't worry about what will happen to his mortal body. He is only concerned with doing what the Lord wants him to do, a topic we have discussed much in this past week.

Paul then goes on to talk to the Saints in Rome about the sins that beset them. In what he describes I can only assume he is referring to homosexuality. We have talked about this briefly in the past few weeks but it bears looking into further. Homosexuality has been around for thousands and thousands of years. It is commonly thought that the city of Sodom was destroyed because of this sin. While it is correct that the city of Sodom practiced homosexuality, that is not the reason it was destroyed. We'll talk about that later. Most of the ancient cultures seemed to practice homosexuality in abundance and it seemed quite acceptable according to what records we have left. The Greeks and Romans in particular seemed to be almost infested with it. But do we really want to emulate the Romans? This is the same culture that built a huge stadium if you will for the sole purpose of watching men kill each other or be devoured by wild animals. Is that really something we want to look up to and emulate?

As I mentioned before I have several friends who are homosexuals and they are wonderful people. I consider them my friends and enjoy their company. But I do not approve of their lifestyle and am not ashamed or sorry about that. Like Paul, I answer to God, not to man. I often wonder how it is that homosexuality got so popular anyway? I mean all the signs point to it being wrong. Even those who practice it want to be like the rest of society, they want to be normal. They desire to be married. One of them will usually take on the qualities of the other gender. If there is nothing wrong with homosexuality then why do men start acting like women and women like men? I personally believe it is because deep down they recognize that it is wrong and they are trying to make up for it. I'm sure those who practice it would deny that and of course not all of those men and women who prefer same gender intercourse fit into this mold. But it's enough that it is the stereotype.

As I mentioned above I also find it interesting that they want to be married. They want to be like the rest of society and fit it. The Light of Christ is still working in them, even if only dimly. Some will say that they were born this way and I do believe that some might be born with the predisposition to have that sin. Just like some might be born with the predisposition to smoke, or drink alcohol or any other sin. But they still have a choice just like the rest of us do. There are no mistakes, there are no women born into men's bodies or vice versa. We have always been a man or a woman or whatever we were born as, since the day we were created. There are no mix ups. But we do have predispositions like I just mentioned. It is their trial to overcome in this life. That is what Latter-day Saints believe this life is all about. We are here to learn to control our bodies and our passions so that they do not control us. We live in a day and age where it is acceptable to do almost anything and that if anyone thinks otherwise, they must be a bigot. The media attack those who stand up for what is right. It is entirely possible that I may be thought ill of or even attacked for the things I have said in this entry, but it is the truth and I have nothing to apologize for.

Once again though I reiterate that there is nothing wrong with these people as people. They are sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father and He loves them very much. However, they are making choices that pain Him deeply and will mean that they cannot return to live with Him or receive of the fullness of His glory. They will not be given all that He hath. Which is the definition of hell. They will know they could have had more, but because of their choices they won't. But that is the same for any person who has a sin they cannot overcome, not just homosexuals. God has a strict set of rules and laws that must be adhered to in order to be thought of as holy, or good. They are the 10 commandments and other commandments that our modern day prophets have revealed to us. I choose to live my life according to those commandments because I believe that just like my earthly father had a good idea of how to help me navigate my teenage years and be happy, so too does my Heavenly Father know the formula for a happy life. I choose everlasting happiness and I make no secret what that formula is. It is right there for all to read for themselves. Until tomorrow.

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