Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Scriptures are a Gift from God

Today I read Colossians 1, Paul's opening to his letter to the Saints in Colosse. He is saying many of the same things that we have heard before, which makes sense to me because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the same message for everyone, no matter who they are. God is no respecter of persons and so we each of us much work out or own salvation, just like Paul told the Saints in his letter to them in Philippa.

Paul also talks about the many roles of the Savior in this chapter. How He created all things. It was God's plan, there is no question about that, but Jesus was the executor of the plan. He was the tool through which all that we see and physically are, was created. The temple teaches this truth also. I have been taught this since I was a little boy and so I am not surprised when I read such statements. However there are those who have either not read the scriptures or do not understand them and do not understand that God created the world through Jesus Christ. I am always leery when someone does not use the King James Version of the Bible, because if they do not and they use a more modern translation, they are reading someone's interpretation of the scriptures, not the scriptures themselves. I've never understood how people can claim the Bible language is too difficult to understand. Yes, it's not how we would normally speak, but so what? It's no different or difficult than reading Shakespeare. But that again could be because I have been reading the scriptures since I was a little, little boy and I also have the gift of the Holy Ghost to assist me.

Having the gift of the Holy Ghost makes it so much so much easier to understand the scriptures and to know the meaning behind the scriptures. Sometimes the mean is right there on the surface and we really don't have to do anything to understand it. But sometimes we have to ponder it awhile and see if what God is saying is what we think we are understanding. The one thing I think everyone who believes in God will agree though, is that scriptures are meant to guide and direct us. They are meant to help us out in discerning what is what and how we are to get back to Him who created us. Shouldn't we study them and hold on to them like they are a life raft, the only thing keeping us afloat in a sea of uncertainty that stretches out as far as the eye can see in all directions? One thing is for certain, with God as our helmsman we will always end up in the right place. Are you letting Him guide you to where you need and want to be? I sure hope so. Until tomorrow.

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