Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Reason for Creation

Today I read Galatians 3 and it got me wondering. It made me wonder if the Israelites when Moses gave them the law if they knew that it was to bring them unto Christ and that salvation did not come by the law? This chapter is about Paul talking about the Abrahamic covenant and the law that was given to Moses. At one point he even calls the law a schoolmaster until Christ came.

In hindsight it is quite easy to see how the law was meant only as something to daily remind the Israelites about the coming of the Messiah in the meridian of time, but did they really understand what it was all about when it was given to them? I doubt that they did. I know that the Nephites had to be reminded of it several times. Perhaps the most famous example is Abinadi. He asked the priests of King Noah if salvation came by way of the Law of Moses and they answered that it did. Abinadi set them straight on that point and let them know that the Law of Moses was meant to only point them towards Jesus Christ who would come to save them. I'll wager that the Israelites missed the same point in the beginning and we know that they missed it in the days of Jesus.

I sometimes think about the hardheartedness of the Israelites and why was it so hard to believe, but then I look around at the people of the world today and it's not so hard to believe. There are little miracles that happen each and everyday if you know where to look and people seem quite content to ignore them or to pass them off as coincidence. They do not seem to understand that God is in control and that He is involved in our lives. Sometimes to a great extent, others to a lesser extent. A lot of it depends on us and how we handle it. Are we receptive to His help and grateful to Him for what He does for us? Or are we resentful that He doesn't do more for us. I am reminded of the woman in Elder Dallin H. Oaks' most recent General Conference talk where a woman asked him what has Jesus done for her? Like Elder Oaks I too am shocked when people seem to ignore all the evidence around them of God and His hand in their lives and seem content to just go through life with a spiritual sack over their head.

The scriptures tell us that God is mindful of us and that even a sparrow cannot fall without His knowledge. If He pays such attention to a sparrow, won't He pay attention to us, His work and His glory? The reason for the earth in the first place? I think He will. He knows us and He knows what we need, better than we do that's for sure. If we will allow Him into our lives and ask Him to help us see the miracles that are in our lives daily, I think we will be surprised at what the Lord has done, as the song goes. I've always enjoyed the poem footprints in the sand where we find that the Lord is always with us and at times even carries us. I believe that to be true in our lives, whether we believe in Him or not. Whether we are worthy of His help or not. I think He is always there watching out for us and just waiting for us to ask to be shown so that we can understand what a large place we hold in our Heavenly Father's eyes. I think if we could comprehend, we would be very surprised by how special we are to Him. We are the reason for the earth, and that should tell us something right there. I know I have no doubts how special I am to Him. I hope you understand it to. Until tomorrow.

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