Thursday, October 6, 2011

God is no Respecter of Persons

Today I read Romans 11 where Paul talks about how God is merciful and allows the Gentiles to partake in His mercy and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It can sometimes seem like, despite what the scriptures say, God IS in fact a respecter of persons. I mean, when Jesus was on the earth, the Gospel was only preached to the Jews, to the point of exclusivity. When the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was first on the earth, the Priesthood was not allowed to those of African descent. However, we need to remember that we do not know the mind or will of God.

I have talked about the blacks not being able to have the Priesthood before and stand by my explanation. But ultimately, when it comes down to it the only explanation I need is that it was done the way God wanted it done. Because Heavenly Father is in charge of this church, no one else. Whatever God's reasons are for doing as He has done in the past, I am fine with it. Who am I to argue with God and say His ways are not the best? How foolish that would be! As Jesus told Paul, it is hard to kick against the pricks. Not to mention pointless!

The main point I took away from this chapter is that salvation is open to all of us. Jew and Gentile alike. God does not deny anyone from accepting the Gospel and truly He has declared that everyone shall have an opportunity to accept or reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We cannot ask for more than that. The scriptures state that we will all confess that His judgments are just and if the scriptures have declared it, we know it will happen. Because God's words cannot pass away and must be fulfilled. I am eternally grateful to Heavenly Father and to Jesus Christ for the Atonement and the path they have provided us to return to live with them and partake of blessings that would otherwise be as unattainable as grabbing the moon with your bare hands. The path is there, all we have to do is decide if it really is what we want, like we talked about yesterday, and take it. I love this Gospel and I love what it can do for those who give it a chance. It is truly a gift without price and beyond measure. Until tomorrow.

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